Get ready to enjoy the Chinese New Year with Yes8sg

    A Legal Singapore casino bring prosperity and happiness to its customers via a grand celebration

Singapore: January 2020, Yes8sg is going to begin the New Year of casino lovers, its customers, and all Singaporeans a prosperous year. And for this, they are wishing and celebrating the New Year in a grand manner on the world’s biggest and most popular platform, Instagram. Apart from this, customers will witness a grand celebration and collaboration with KOLs and yes8sg.

Chinese New Year is a day full of excitement where customers will make New Year resolution and have fun with their family. And to double this fun, the legal online casino of Singapore has planned something different. They are leaving no stone untouched to make the CNY the most memorable day of the year. And they are not celebrating this alone; their customers and new partners will be witnessing the event.

Cynosure of the Chinese New Year Celebration 2020

  • The grand opening of the New Year at official and Instagram platform
  • Celebration with the known faces of Instagram who will be the KOLs also
  • Collaboration with KOLs- wenxian, tzqian, josephy, and sabee
  • Exciting offers and great surprises for winners
  • Lucky winners will get a golden chance to meet their favorite KOL

Yes8sg has earned lots of customers, followers, and their trust through their secure casino services. They are offering a secure platform to the customers who love online gambling. The online betting casino, Yes8sg, has thus become a famous face among the gamblers. They conduct every week surprising games, notable offers, VIP programs, exciting sports betting and tournaments. The winners get fast cash out of their winning amount. Moreover, the new gamers get lots of bonuses and opportunities at this best online casino. Popular games of casino like blackjack, roulette, poker, single and multiple table games, Omaha, pot limit Omaha, texas hold’em, and more are available at this No.1 online casino.

The casino is seeing a boost in the casino popularity and its leading presence in the industry has gained lots of attention from the customers. They trust their services and feel safe while playing at yes8sg. However, those who are not getting a chance to enjoy online gambling can also now join the casino. The celebration is to make bonds with the new customers and their new partners. KOLs are the most important part of any event. Their role and presence changes the perception in mind of audience. The yes8sg is well aware of this fact and they are thus inviting the young social media influencers of the world. These young minds will bring a different wave of confidence and positivity among the new players so that they don’t hesitate to try their hands on casino games.

The young KOLs are freedom influencers who are very positive about their work and responsibilities. Their role during the celebration would be to engage more customers and audience. Also, they will promote the yes8sg among the live audience at Instagram and official website. Their work will to share positive and genuine reviews and experience about the yes8sg. Their words will mark an impactful impression on the young and new casino customers.

However, the casino already has a huge customer base but this grand Chinese New Year celebration will further increase the customer base. Their motive to become a top face in the casino world is going to get a boost with the presence of KOLs. It may seem as a brilliant strategy to acquire the attentions of thousands of customers. But it is done at the behind of CNY celebration 2020. Furthermore, the good wishes to their customers for a bright and purposeful New Year are spread on a grand platform.

Instagram is a biggest platform to launch any event and gain a worldwide coverage. Yes8sg is going to wisely use the platform by launching the CNY and announcing their collaboration with KOLs. Wenxian is highly popular and her journey till now is inspiring. Sabee is also a great model and singer. The two more are leading freedom influencers. All these beautiful and gorgeous, stunning beauties are making everyone’s day on Instagram. They will make the celebration brighter and fun with their words and performances. Fans can meet them live. And winners will too get the chance to talk to them and take photos with them.

They will soon get popular on Instagram as well, because KOLs will post the winners photo on their social media profiles. A great New Year is ahead for Yes8sg, its customers, new customers, audiences, and KOLs.