Yes8 Organizing A Big Event This Christmas Eve

The popular casino operators to be making a bash this Christmas

Singapore: 31st December 2019, Yes8sg- a legal credible, reliable, and trustful online casino operator in Singapore is going to be organizing a grand giveaway event in the exotic Singapore. This event will be conducted on this Christmas Eve as well as New Year in which there will be three major things:

  • Chelsea jersey giveaway
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Stage performances

The Chelsea jersey giveaway will be done by the yes8sg and in this activity they will be giving away a Chelsea jersey to some lucky people from the crowd gathered for attending the event and this will be very limited in figures.

The reason that there is a giveaway of a Chelsea jersey only and not a giveaway of anything else is because the yes8sg is partnered with the Chelsea football club as the official betting partner of them and they are responsible for any sports betting related deal that happens within the limits of the club.

And with such a reliable and stable partnership it is necessary to take care of the audience of both the sides by providing those free giveaways and exclusive access to such engaging events. This maintains a great relationship between the audience and the company.

The Chelsea jersey is a great asset that is being used as a part of the giveaway since the event will be fully fledged with the audience that is interested in football and especially is interested in the sports betting and to be more specific is a fan of the Chelsea football club.

Therefore, nothing can be much better than the Chelsea jersey for the giveaway since the majority of the audience will be interested in that only. Hence, the giveaway is surely planned with care and moreover, is going to attract a lot of visitors.

There will be a Christmas celebration in the giveaway event as well after all the day on which the event is going to take place is Christmas Eve only. Therefore, Christmas is surely going to be celebrated along with this giveaway even since it is such a major festival of Singapore.

There will be a lot of stage shows as well in the event and in those stage shows there will be various performances by a number of professionals to keep the audience entertained throughout the whole event. Hence, the event will become a lot more interesting with such stage shows.

There will be three key opinion leaders available for the event which surely means that the event is going to be one of a kind. Since there are three key opinion leaders, the event will be indulged in a number of different activities.

The three key opinion leaders are very big influencers and marketers that put a light on the fact that they will be also doing the job of spreading the news of the event and attracting a large number of audiences to the event since they are good at promotions.

The three key opinion leaders have instagram accounts in which they have a large number of followers that follow all of their posts and stories which means even a single post by the key opinion leaders is enough to grab a plethora of audience towards the event.

The three key opinion leaders are furthermore, very well known in the field and are also influencers and brand ambassadors for a large number of well established and well known companies. They have done their job really well and that is why they got a chance to work with such a big company.

The three key opinion leaders will also be doing the job of announcing the winners for the Chelsea jersey. They will be telling how many persons and which persons got the chance of getting a Chelsea jersey and who among the others have to leave home empty handed but with a great Eve.

The three key opinion leaders will be getting unique reference id’s by which they will be distinguished and they will be announcing the winners through the medium of a live stream of the announcement of the winners with the help of their instagram accounts.

About yes8: Yes8 is a legal, credible, reliable, and trustful online casino operator whose working country is Singapore, yes8 is also renowned as well as has the title of number one online casino operator. They are also officially partnered with the Chelsea football club as their official betting partners.